English speaking Human Resources jobs

Are you an expat and looking for a job in Human Resources? Below is Expatica's selection of English speaking jobs currently available in the Human Resources sector. You may apply for any of the jobs listed below through one of partner agencies by clicking the apply button included in each job offer. Happy job hunting!

Russia Human Resources Jobs

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saint petersbur...   20/01/2014

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Москва 27/11/2015
Миасс 27/11/2015
Магнитогорск 27/11/2015
Челябинск 27/11/2015
Москва 26/11/2015
Новосибирск 26/11/2015
Director of ccs Ritz-Carlt...
Москва 26/11/2015
F&b director Ritz-Carlt...
Москва 26/11/2015
Казань 26/11/2015
Office manager WorldQuant
Новосибирск 24/11/2015
Самара 24/11/2015
Москва 23/11/2015
Catering manager Marriott I...
Москва 23/11/2015
Москва 23/11/2015
Москва 22/11/2015
Москва 23/11/2015
Томск 23/11/2015
Москва 20/11/2015
Москва 20/11/2015